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Kumnam BAIK South Korea

" Recollection – XXI , XXII "

CG pigment print
35 cm × 50 cm

今村由男/ Yoshio IMAMURA


Kumnam BAIK is a professor, designer, coach, as well as a renowned printmaker in Korea. His artistic style pursues modernity within the traditional Korean aesthetic. Silkscreen used to be his main medium whereas his current works lean to digital techniques.


Born in 1948

Sao Paulo International Biennale (Brazil)
Frechen International Print Triennale (Germany)
Valpariso International Print Biennale (Chile)

2010 1st Prize, International Exhibition “Art in miniatuae” Majdanpek
2010 Honorable Award, iBiennial of Contemporary Art – Diploma of Excellence (England, 2010)