Japan Print Association Executive Committee and Japan Print Association will present an international prints exposition, "Prints Tokyo 2012" for our 80th anniversary of the foundation of the association.

Marnix EVERAERT Belgium

" Nova Genera & Species # 1 "

70 cm × 90 cm

大手 仁 / Jin OTE

Marnix Everaertは私がベルギーゲント市の美術アカデミーに留学した折の我が師であり友である。彼は版画の様々な技法に精通しており,特に銅版画Non-toxic技法では、世界各地でワークショップを行い、2010年には日本各地で個展、グループ展と共に開催した。

Marinx Everaert was my teacher and friend from when I studied abroad at an art school in Ghent, Belgium. He is well aquatinted with diverse printmaking techniques, especially with non-toxic etching techniques about which he has held many workshops around the world.


Born in 1960

Since 1986 solo and group exhibitions in Belgium, Japan, USA, South-Africa, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Switserland, Poland, Russia