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William (bill) LAING Canada

" Once "

76.2 cm × 55.89 cm

ウチダヨシエ / Yoshie UCHIDA

カナダ カルガリー大学 芸術学部(版画)の教授。画家版画家王立協会名誉特別会員。彼のカナダの自然をイメージした作品は近年、伝統的なレースデザインの要素とヨーロッパの風景の要素を取り入れ、視覚的に(シルクスクリーン技法の)艶出しインクでつくられた空間と半透明に覆われた表面は時空を行き交わせ、詩情豊かで魅惑的である。

William Laing is Professor for prints in the Fine Arts Program at Calgary University in Canada. His recent works not only reflect Canadian nature, but also traditional lace designs and elements of European landscapes. His fascinating works are rich with poetic sentiment, making time and space fluctuate between the planes of coloured glossy ink and semi-translucent surfaces.


Born in 1944

exhibited in over 500 group shows and 47 solo shows across Canada and around the world.
Collections: National College of Canada. Kyoto Municipal Museum, Japan. Los Angels Country Art Museum, USA. British Museum, London, UK. The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK. Vancouver Art gallery, Vancouver, Canada.

Honorable Mention, Great Canadian Printmaking Competition (Ernst and Young)
Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, Elected member
Honorary Fellow of The Royal Society of Painters and Printmakers, London, England