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Dodog SOESENO Netherlands

" From Sheet No:9 "

screen printing
56 cm × 76 cm

結城泰介 / Taisuke YUKI


Dodoge Soeseno was born in Indonesia and went to Holland to study and become a professional artist. A characteristic of his work is the fusion of the Oriental and the Occidental that comes from his life in two completely different countries. He has a deep knowledge about Japanese culture and has an avid Japanese audience.


2011 Midnight Constellation 5, (group) World Art Delft,The Netherlands
2011 Diary of Expectation III (solo) ,World Art Delft,Delft The Netherlands
2011 Dodog Soeseno and Best Friends Gallery Verger,Sagamihara,Japan
2011 Okinawa Working Lab Exchanges,Atelier K (group),Yokohama ,Japan
Okinawa Working Lab Exchanges,Atelier K (group),Yokohama ,Japan