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Rafi HAQUE Bangladesh


82 cm × 55 cm

内山江里子 / Eriko UCHIYAMA

Rafi Haqueは多くの国際展に参加し活躍する作家です。日本に滞在した経験もあり、98年に広島を訪れた後に反戦をテーマにリトグラフやエッチングを制作しました。今回、Rafiの作品に再会できることは私自身大きな喜びです。繊細かつ大胆な色彩と深い洞察から生み出されるかたち。スパイスが豊かな美味しいカレーを食した後のような満足感を皆さんと共有できれば幸いです。

Rafi Haque has taken part in a number of International exhibits; he has also been to Hiroshima in 1998 where he made lithographs and etchings using anti-war themes. His work fill people’s hearts with its sensitive yet dynamic colour that is born from his deep insights. It is a great honour for me to be able to see his works again; I hope everybody viewing his works will feel the kind of satisfaction one gets from eating a plate full of delicious, spicy curry!


Born in 1965

2011 World Print Triennial, Chamalières, FRANCE
2010 19 Graveurs du Bangladesh

2000 First Prize, 5th World Print Triennial, FRANCE
1995 Grand Prize, Young National Art Exhibition Bangladesh
1994 Honoble mention, 10th National Art Exhibition,Bangladesh