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Lixing WANG China

" Lidong "

Paper Cut, Ink
120 cm × 85 cm

園山晴己 / Harumi SONOYAMA


By using watercolour, Wang Lixing creates print art that is very unusual in China. He also creates other works such as structural installations and designs, the most well known which use repetition of Chinese characters. The delicate screen created with paper and Chinese ink is stunningly fine.


Born in 1957

2005 Print Exhibition of Works by Studied Abroad
2004 Exhibition of National Print Annual Conference Prints Exhibition in Malaysia

2004 Awarded Excellent Award by the Exhibition Celebrating the 55th National Day, Guangdong
2003 Awarded by the 8th International Advertisement Festival of China
2001 MSA Award, by the Inviting Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Artists [North Ireland]