Japan Print Association Executive Committee and Japan Print Association will present an international prints exposition, "Prints Tokyo 2012" for our 80th anniversary of the foundation of the association.

Jianfei KANG China

" That Time When We Were Young "

45 cm × 60 cm

山本桂右 / Keisuke YAMAMAMOTO

本展に出品する中国人版画家 李康(Li Kang)氏の推薦による。中国版画協会総務、中国中央美術学院主任教授。

Kang Jianfei was recommended by Li Kang, one of the artists exhibiting in this exhibition. Kang Jianfei is the director in charge of general affairs of the China Print Association, as well as the chief professor at China Central Academy of Fine Arts.


Born in 1973

2011 "The Meaning of Plural"-China Contemporary Print Exhibition, Egypt Cairo International Book Fair Chinese collective venue
2010New Wave of Chinese Contemporary Art, the California State University Library Gallery Three-dimensional China-Chinese Art Exhibition, Greece

2004 The Seventh Print Teaching and Creation Annual Symposium National Colleges and Universities of Fine Arts, Academy Award
2002 The Sixteenth National Print Exhibition, Award of Excellence
2000 The Fifteenth National Print Exhibition, Sliver Award