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Shiou-Ping LIAO Republic of China(Taiwan)

" Double WealthⅠ "

87 cm × 56 cm

 中林忠良 / Tadayoshi NAKABAYASHI


Shiou-Ping LIAO catches the viewer’s feelings by expressing something that pulsates within the ordinary shapes in everyday life while nobly expressing the history and culture of China. He contributes to the Republic of China International Print Biennial as well as building the education curriculum for modern printmaking; making him an influential leader in the Chinese art community.


Born in 1936

2011 “The Pioneer of Modern Printmaking in Taiwan–Liao Shiou-Ping”, Chelsea Art Museum,New York, U.S.A.
2009 “Exhibition of Art Works by Liao Shiou Ping”, National Art Museum Of China, Beijing, China “Liao Shiou-Ping Solo Exhibition”, The Shoto Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan

2010 The 29th National Cultural Award, Taiwan, R.O.C.
2006 Honorary prize of the 5th Egyptian International Print Triennial Exhibition, Egypt
1998 National Literature and Art Achievement Award, Taiwan, R.O.C