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Nipan ORANNIWESNA Thailand

" Pebbles Are Believed To Grow Into Boulders "

Hand Pierced on Paper
100 cm × 70 cm

中林忠良 / Tadayoshi NAKABAYASHI


Nipan Oranniwesna has been active in installation work in Thailand. When he was in Japan to study at Tokyo University of the Arts his interest in national and international issues grew deeper; at that time the Japanese media was commenting negatively on the quality of Thai rice which had to be imported after a crop failure hit Japanese farms. In this context the artist wrote the national anthem in Braille, showing how it is a tool to lead the “blind”; blindness such as nationalism in people.


Born in 1962

2012 The 18th Biennale of Sydney, Australia
2011 City-Net Asia 2011, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

1999 Prize for The Hungarian Foundation, International Biennial Drawing and Graphic Arts, Gyor, Hungary
1996 Prize, 11 Deutsche Internationale Grafik-Triennale , Frechen, Germany
1993 Prize, 10 Deutsche Internationale Grafik-Triennale , Frechen, Germany