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You-Hui CHUNG Republic of China(Taiwan)

" Splendor "

Silk Screen
120 cm × 80 cm

清水美三子 / Misako SHIMIZU

鐘 有輝氏は、台湾における現代版画の中心的存在で、台湾と日本の版画交流の架け橋の役割を果たされてまいりました。日本の多くの版画家を台湾の芸術大学に招聘し、熱心な教育普及活動により本国版画芸術向上に尽力されています。台湾と日本の版画交流への多大な功績に敬意を表し、ここに推薦致します。

You-Hui CHUNG is a central figure of modern printmaking in Taiwan. He has been a bridge and great influence on the exchange of prints between Japan and Taiwan. He encourages interest in Japanese printmaking through his enthusiastic effort of inviting Japanese printmakers to Art Universities in Taiwan.


Born in 1946

2011 “Creativity & Communication” Mainland China Traveling Exhibition of Taiwan Academy of Fine Arts, National Art Museum of China, Guangdong Museum of Art.
2009 The 2nd China Chongqing Qijiang Farmers’ Printmaking Art Festival, Qijiang,China.

2011 Art Prize Winner, Wu San-lien Awards, R.O.C.
2003 Awarded “TaiHo Special Prize” at International Print Biennale Beijing.
2000 Awarded Gold Prize at Qingdao International Print Biennale 2000.