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Frank RYLANDER Sweden


Screenprint on paper
50 cm × 140 cm

田島直樹/ Naoki TAJIMA

Frank Rylanderは、私がスウェーデン王立美術大学へ研究員として留学した際、知り合った作家です。自ら撮影した写真をもとに画面を構成し作品を制作しています。独特の色彩感覚と大胆な構図は、この作家の大きな特徴といえます。2007年当時は凹版でしたが、現在は孔版中心に制作しています。常に版表現の新たな可能性を探求しているストイックな作家です。

I met Frank Rylander when I was a researcher at the Royal Institute of Art in Sweden. The unique sense of colour in a dynamic composition based on his photography are the defining characteristics of his work. He worked in intaglio prints until 2007 whereas today he works mainly with screen-printing. He is a stoic artist who is constantly looking for a new expressive possibility within the medium of prints.


Born in 1953

2012 Solo Exhibition at The Swedish Printmaking Society, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 Book Edition “100 Years of Swedish Printmaking” as representative for screen print
2008 International Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Square Prints, Naestved, Denmark
SUPPORT / SCOLARSHIPS / GRANTS:Konstnärsnämnden, The Art Grants Committee, Stockholm, Sweden The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Art, Stockholm, Sweden City of Stockholm Längmanska Kulturfonden – Cultural Foundation, Sweden