Japan Print Association Executive Committee and Japan Print Association will present an international prints exposition, "Prints Tokyo 2012" for our 80th anniversary of the foundation of the association.

Ad STIJNMAN Netherlands

" Passion (Nagasaki series 5) "

Intaglio & Relief techniques on Copper & Zinc plates
135 cm × 160 cm

岡田まりゑ / Marie OKADA


Ad Stijnman’s recent works in black is truly inspirational. The artist also actively researches historical printmaking techniques.


Born in 1957

2012 International Exhibition "Time of the Mezzotint", Latvian National Museum of Art "Arsenals" in Riga, Latvia
2011 Yuriko Miyoshi + Ad Stijnman “Collaboration from a print studio in the Netherlands” in Nagoya, Japan
2006 International Grafiek Manifestatie, the Netherlands

2012 The PhD. Book “Engraving and Etching Techniques 1400-2000 - Historical Developments of Manual Intaglio Printmaking Processes” (Archetype in London, U.K.)