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Linda VINCK Belgium

" Particles of light "

136 cm × 66 cm

水谷昇雅 / Norimasa MIZUTANI

Linda Vinck はアフリカで生活していた経験を生かし、潜在的な彼女の感性を統合させながらすぐれた作品を生み出している。そのリズミカルな世界は我々に原初の記憶を喚起させる。

Linda Vinck produces fine works of art by combining her delicate sensitivity with influences from the time she spent in Africa; her rhythmical visual world stimulates the primal memories within us all as humans.


Born in 1942

2011 Japan-Belgium Print Art Exchange Exhibition, KCUA,Kyoto,Japan
2010 Hot Plate Project, Phoenix Galery, Brighton,UK
2009 6th International Novosibirsk Print Biennial, Russia
2008 E-Pos, “Personal Vocabulary”, Stellenbosch, Johannesburg, Pretoria, South Africa
2005 12th Biennial of Contemporary Art in Flandres, Aalter, Belgium