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Thamrongsak NIMANUSSORNKUL Thailand

" Arising, Changing, Passing Away "

59.1 cm × 75.8 cm

倉地比沙支 / Hisashi KURACHI


Using printing ink mixed with materials such as metal powder and pearls, Thamrongsak Nimanussornkul makes works with many layers of elaborate shapes printed over and over. His works shine with a unique glow and combinations of colour that are inspired from Thai Buddhist cosmology.


Born in 1975

2010 Invited to participate in “Tribuna Graphic 2010” International Graphic Art Exhibition, Art Museum Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
2009 The 2nd Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing Exhibition, Thailand.
2007 International Print Exhibition, Japan and Thailand, Kyoto Hanga 2007

2005 Grandprix from “TSGA AWARDS 2005” the Best Silk-screen print-making of the Year, Si-am art space, Bangkok, Thailand.
2003 Purchase Prize from International Print and Drawing Exhibition on the occasion of 60th Anniversary Celebration of Silpakorn University, Thailand.