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Carla RIPPEY Mexico

" Exodus from the Garden "

Relief print & mylar intaglio print with chine collé, embroidery and metallic leaf
80 cm × 80 cm

大沼正昭 / Masaaki ONUMA


Mexico has developed its own world of art without making European art as its ideal, despite being under the Spanish rule for a long period. Mexican art has influenced many Japanese people as well as Carla Rippey, an artist from the United States who creates works that scrutinizes society from a female perspective.


Born in 1950

Carla Rippey, Interior Lives, Itinerate exhibit organized by the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations and the Treasury Department, first venue: Seoul, Korea 2011
When my blood was not yet my Blood, itinerate exhibit, a project on the history of migration, present venue: University of Hidalgo, Real del Monte, Hidalgo, Mexico

System of Creators, National Foundation for the Arts, Mexico, 3 year Production Grant awarded on 3 occasions: 1997, 2003 and 2010.