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Nadja KRING Germany

" bulgarischer Kopf (“portratis” sceries) "

Etching, Mezzotinto
11 cm × 11 cm

小沼隆一郎 / Ryuichiro ONUMA


Nadja Kring is a young German artist who creates series of art works with copperplate prints. In 2009 she joined the artist residence program at Itsukaichi, Tokyo, which has inspired her to continue developing her connection with Japan.


Born in 1979

2011 B-Galerie, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan (Solo Exhibition)
2011 Werkfabrik, “Reistafel”, Berlin, Germany (Solo Exhibition)
2011 Heft für Zeichung und Text, Berlin, Germany (Group Exhibition)

2010 “Druckreif – junge Kuenstlerinnen und Kuenstler erproben die Werkstaetten”, Exhibition of the Sixth Graficprice, Griffelkunst, Hamburg, Germany
2009 Artist in Residence, scholarship, Art Studio Itsukaichi, Tokyo, Japan