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Rebecca BEARDMORE Australia

" On Reflection no. 8 "

Pigment Print on cotton rag, blind emboss
100 cm × 70 cm

濱田富貴 / Fuki Hamada 


The blurred images that appear in Rebecca’s works somehow make us feel uneasy as if they were brought back to this world from “another world”. The transparent veil apparent between the viewers and the engraved letters and images draws our mind deeper into the images.


Born in 1974

On Reflection, Artereal Gallery, Sydney, Australia,2010
Seeing Words, Reading Pictures, Artereal Gallery, Sydney, Australia, 2009
Seeing Between, Artereal Gallery, Sydney, Australia, 2008

Geelong Print Awards, Geelong Gallery, finalist, 2011
Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award, finalist 2011
Fremantle Art Centre Print Award, major acquisitive prize; 2010