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Dean-E MEI Republic of China(Taiwan)

" Sex Distinction "

Digital inkjet print
69.5 cm × 102.5 cm

有地好登 / Yoshito ARICHI


Dean-E Mei is a pioneering artist who introduced digital technology to image making in Taiwan. Being versed in the basics of printmaking technique, he re-creates the tone and stippling effect of the rocker of the mezzotint method by digital manipulation. He depicts historical events and things figuratively or symbolically.


Born in 1954

2008 Solo exhibition in IT PARK, Taipei / Solo exhibition in Star Crystal gallery, Taipei
2003 Retrospective exhibition in MOCA, Taipei

2006 Golden Seal Award of Printmaking Association of R.O.C. Taiwan
2004 Taishin Art Award, Taiwan
1977 Silver medal of Tai-yang Art association, Taiwan