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Ming-Dye YANG Republic of China(Taiwan)

" Water Coat NO14 "

80 cm × 100 cm

有地好登 / Yoshito ARICHI

世界各国の版画ビエンナーレでの受賞歴を持つ現代台湾版画の旗手の一人。ガラスを使った立体版画が有名であるが、近年に植物や風景から導き出されたであろう沈静化された東洋的な平面を意識した版画を制作されている。現 中華民国版画学会理事長。

Yang Ming-Dye, the award-winning artist at printmaking biennials around the world, is a leading artist of Taiwanese contemporary printmaking. He is known for lithography using glass but recently he has been focusing on depicting calm oriental plains inspired by plants and landscape. He is currently president of the Chinese Society of Printmaking.


Born in 1955

2008 A Voice Of Taiwan Arts, O Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2005 Busan International Prints Art Festival 2005 Korea
2003 18th Asian International Invitational Arts Exhibition Taiwan

2004 Awarded Golden Seal Prize of the 16th Printmaking Association of Taiwan, R.O.C
1997 Hpnor Prize 2nd Egyptian International Print Triennial Exhibition, Egypt