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Lee YOUNGAE South Korea

" Cage-Window "

Mezzotint, Silkscreen
42.5 cm × 56.5 cm

古谷博子 / Hiroko FURUYA


Lee Youngae is a Korean artist. She combines mezzotint and silkscreen method in her work. The way of using colours such as deep black and bright colours gives a strong impression to the viewer while the encoded figures hold hidden messages. She is active in Korea and overseas.


Born in 1975

2008 The 2nd MAAPS International Print Exhibition / Intaglio Exhibition, Sin-Han Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2007 The 2nd Solo Exhibition, “Minos’ Labyrinth” , NV Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006 Super Woman, Beart Gallery, Pyeongtaek, Korea

2005 The 18th Parkside National Small Print Exhibition “Purchase Award”
1999 Contemporary Art Festival, Seoul Museum of Art / Misulsegae Art Festival, Seoul Museum of Art