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Youn Jeong LEE South Korea

" Behind the City "

90 cm × 59.5 cm

 久後育大/ Ikuhiro KUGO

LEE Yoon jeongの作品に描かれている都市風景からは単調な日常生活に変化を与え、都市と生活が入り交じる疑似空間を形成しようとしているかのように見受けられる。シンプルな画面構成の中に現代社会へのメッセージが多く含まれているように感じとることができる。

The urban-scape depicted in LEE Yoon jeong’s work appears to me as if she is trying to bring about changes in a humdrum daily life and build a fictional space where the city and daily life are mixed together. The composition is simple but contains many messages of modern society.


Born in 1980

2012 Double Take, Studio 3 Gallery-The Art of Printmaking, Kent University, Kent, UK
2011 KIAF 2011(Korea International Art Fair), Galleries Association of Korea, Coex, Seoul

2010 Winner of Print Belt 2010, SIPPA(Seoul International Print Phto Art Fair), Seoul
2008 Winner of the London & East Prize, Chichester Open Competition, Chichester, UK
2008 Winner of the John Purcell Purchase Prize, London, UK