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Jerzy JEDRYSIAK Poland

" The Night Manoeuvres of Dogs Catchers "

65 cm × 50 cm

近藤憲昭 / Noriaki KONDO

Jerzy Jedrysiakは日本他、世界中の公募展で展示・受賞しているアーティストです。日本ではあまり使われない大きなサイズのリノリウムを用いた凸版、シンプルな技法であるがとても技巧的で力強い作品を紹介したいと思いました。

Jerzy Jedrvsiak is an award-winning artist who has been exhibiting his works at various exhibitions in Japan and across the world. He creates large-scale linocuts, which is uncommon in Japan. His works are technically simple but very dynamic and exhibit great skill.


Born in 1954

Over 500 group exhibitions in Poland and abroad: England, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, USA, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, India, Taiwan, Korea South, Thailand, Japan, Australia / Awards in 24 competitions in Poland and in 14 international graphics competitions.

1987 1st Prize at the XYLON – International Triennial Exhibition of Wood Engraving in Winterthur, Switzerland
1991 Grand Prix at the Bharat Bhawan, International Print Biennial in Bhopal, India