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" while earth germinates…, Protecting : Help or Harm "

Monotyp withWatercolor, And Chine- colle
63.5 cm × 46 cm

内田真理 / Mari UCHIDA

シカゴを拠点に活動するThe Art Club of Chicagoの正会員。自由で実験的な作風が注目されており、最近はアメリカ社会、環境、政治問題などに焦点を当てOutsider としての日本人の眼と感性でそれらに反応、疑問提示さらには風刺非難をするなど、独自のモノタイプ・Mixed Media の中にその独創性と時代性を表現している。

Yumiko Irene Gokce is an artist based in Chicago and a full member of The Arts Club of Chicago. She draws our attention with her free and experimental artistic style. Recently she is focusing on American society, environment, and politics as she reacts, raises questions, and sometimes satirizes with a Japanese point of view and sensibility. She expresses her originality and current themes using monotypes and mixed media.


Born in 1941

2012 85th Exhibition of Professional Members at The Arts Club of Chicago, IL. USA
2008 The Artist Projects Toronto, Canada

2009 Selected Purchased Awards:College of Lake county Foundation permanent collection IL.USA
2007 CAAP, Community Arts Assistance Program , Chicago IL. USA
2004 Exhibition Grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, USA