Japan Print Association Executive Committee and Japan Print Association will present an international prints exposition, "Prints Tokyo 2012" for our 80th anniversary of the foundation of the association.


Prints Tokyo 2007 

- Official Name of the Exhibition
PRINTS TOKYO 2007 (International Print Exhibition Tokyo 2007),
Special Exhibition of The 75th Anniversary Exhibition of Japan Print Association

- Organized
Japan Print Association, International Exchange Activity Department
PRINTS TOKYO 2007 (International Prints Exhibition Tokyo 2007) Committee

- Supported for The 75th Anniversary Exhibition of Japan Print Association (including Prints Tokyo 2007)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government,
The Mainichi Newspapers Co.,
The Niigata-Nippo,
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts,
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation),
Sakima Art Museum,
Agency for Cultural Affairs
Agency of Foreign Affairs (expected)
The Nikkei Newspapers (expected)

- Sponsored for PRINTS TOKYO 2007
(International Prints Exhibition Tokyo 2007)

Takashimaya Public Trust Foundation, The Kao Foundation for Arts and Science Japan Foundation (expected) Japan Arts Council (expected) The Asahi Shimbun Foundation (expected) Asahi Beer Arts Foundation (expected) The Nomura Cultural Foundation Pola Art Foundation (expected)

- Exhibition Period
April 6th to April 21st 2007 (closed on April 16th)

- Place
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Ueno,
Special site of The 75th Anniversary Exhibition of Japan Print Association

- Admission Notice
from 9:00 to 17:00 (no admission after 16:30)
the last day of the exhibition will be closed at 15:00 (no admission after 14:00)
No admission fee is required for Prints Tokyo 2007 Exhibition at the basement floor.

<Traveling exhibition>
PRINTS TOKYO 2007 Traveling exhibition:
August 1st to 13th, 2007, SAKIMA ART MUSEUM

Prints Tokyo 2007 Symposium


“Print Art Today”
“Current situation surrounding expressions in printmaking”
-vision beyond Prints Tokyo 2007 and the 75th Anniversary Exhibition of Japan Print Association-

Date : April 8th 2007 from 13:00 to 16:00
Place: the Auditorium of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum Ueno(no admission charged)

Keynote lecture from 13:00 to 14:00

「“Diversity Consideration for Seoul-Space International Print Biennial and the Exhibition of Japan print Association with Prints Tokyo 2007”」

Kim, Seung Yeon (Professor of Hongik University, South Korea
Executive Committee Director of Seoul-Space International PrintBiennial)

Panel Discussion from 14:00 to 16:00

Akihiko Takami (Critic, Jury of Prints Tokyo 2007)
Tetsuo Miki (Vice President of the National Art Center Tokyo, Executive Committee ofPrints Tokyo 2007)
Tadayoshi Nakabayashi (President of Japan Print Association, Jury of the 13th Seoul Space International Print Biennale and the 5th Koch International PrintTriennale)
Junji Amano (Director of Japan Print Association, Chairman of Prints Tokyo 2007)

Keisei Kobayashi (Director of Japan Print Association, Jury of the 14th Seoul-Space International

Prints Tokyo 2007 
Awarding ceremony and reception

[Grand Prize]
ONO Kouseki, Japan, Silkscreen

[Second Prize]
OZONE Masatoshi, Japan, Etching

[Prize of Machida city Museum of Graphic Art]
IKEDA Toshihiko, Japan, Etching

[Prize of Sakima Art Museum]
LEE Eun-Suk, Korea, Etching

[Special Recognition Award]
SAITO Yuki, Japan, Etching

[Purchase Prize (The Tosa-washi International Committee)]
THOMTOUN Phuket, Thailand, Etching

[Purchase Prize (Sankyoku)]
TOHIGUCHI Toru, Japan, Silkscreen

Mitsuo Kanoh (Artist)
Tetsuya Noda (Print-Artist)
Mutsuo Takahashi (Poet)
Akihiko Takami (Critic)
Teturoh Murata (Director of Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts)

The 75th Anniversary Reception of Japan Print Association and
the AwardingCeremony

Date: April 8th 2007 from 17:00 to 19:30
Place: Ueno Seiyoken, banquet room Sakura